Next Day International Transfers

Send to and request money from businesses and users anywhere in the world. Invite them to use borderless. It's easy to sign up and it's free! 


State of the art security for your money. Your account is fully protected by SSL encryption and two factor authentication. 

Track and Control

Instant notifications on every transaction to stay aware and control your payments. We offer full transparency to track your funds at all times. 

Our Mission

At borderless, we respect the determination, grit and passion of global pioneers. As globalization continues to impact consumers and corporations, we empower those who redefine the status quo to follow opportunity anywhere it takes them.

Our mission is to standardize payments by leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver a simple payment experience. We aspire to facilitate international mobility by enabling anyone to pay anywhere the same way they would at home.


Associate Startup 2017

F10 Accelerator

Batch III 2018


Fintech Incubator Cohort 2016